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Cleanamax's deep cleaning package is a much profound level of cleaning as compared to our standard cleaning package. It is intended to get your home cleaned from top to bottom with our own cleaning products and equipment. Our cleaning staffs usually take 2-3 hours to finish depending on the size and state of your house. Deep cleaning does take a lot of time, bear with us: you will be amazed by the outcomes. Prices start as from Rs2500, please note that an inspector will come for a house visit to see the size and condition of the house.


The list of services that we proposed:



  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors

  • Furniture cleaning (wood, glass, etc)

  • Dust cleaning for doors on both sides

  • Brush off lamp shades

  • Window cleaning



  • Make bed

  • Change linen if fresh ones are left on the bed

  • Remove dust in all areas

  • Empty trash cans

  • Closet cleaning (if accessible and authorized)

  • Furniture cleaning (nightstand, shelves, etc)

  • Carpet and sofa cleaning in the room



  • Oven & Microwave cleaning (interior and exterior)

  • Clean refrigerator (interior and exterior)

  • Scrub and clean countertop, backsplash, and sink

  • Degrease and clean all areas

  • Polish all stainless steel using our anti-rust cleaner

  • Wipe and clean outside cabinets; inside cabinets will depend on the customer’s recommendation



  • Dust all areas

  • Clean and vacuum carpets and sofa

  • Furniture cleaning



  • Wipe and clean bathroom cabinet (inside & outside)

  • Clean mirrors

  • Remove mildew, soap scum, mold, and mineral deposits (bathroom sink, bathtub, and shower square)

  • Clean, scrub and disinfect toilets

  • Clean tile and glass enclosures

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